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Treating Gummy Smiles

Treating Gummy Smiles

The New York Times discusses Botox and Gummy Smiles

Have you have ever thought your gums show too much when you smile and have been previously told there is nothing we can do about it? There are solutions available to you! Some people have even trained themselves to to not smile as big to help cover the amount of gums showing. We do not want this to be you - we want you to be proud of your smile! Only very limited doctors have the expertise to offer this type of treatment. Some dentists have previously recommended expensive orthognathic surgery as the only available treatment which may not necessarily be the case. Orthognathic surgery to treat gummy smiles can yield inconsistent results, but is indicated in certain situations when skeletal issues are involved.

Our office is trained in cutting edge gummy smile therapy. Please ask Dr. Stanford Chen or Dr. Mike Hsieh about your smile and what we can do to help. There are many causes of gummy smiles which require different treatments. Some gummy smiles can simply be treated by Botox while others require minor gum surgery and some require minor surgically assisted orthodontic treatment. Depending on the causes of the gummy smile some patients require a combination of these treatments.

This woman above underwent anchor-assisted orthodontics to reduce her gingival display (gummy smile)

Sometimes a combination of methods are necessary to treat a gummy smile as seen above.

The patient above received Botox to treat her overactive muscles causing her gummy smile.

Left: Before Right: 10 day post-op

Left: Preop prior to gummy smile resection surgery Right: 1month Post-op following the procedure