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Modern Braces


Improvements in modern bracket design and the introduction of revolutionary NiTi wires reduce treatment time. Lower bracket profiles also make them more comfortable. Modern braces are still considered the gold standard among patients looking to straighten their teeth. We use contemporary braces that are made of exceptionally strong materials to sustain everyday use. While we give adults many options for orthodontics in addition to contemporary braces we recommend braces for most children so we can give them both a cosmetic solution, and more importantly, an ideal jaw occlusion and tooth position. Braces are still the best way to achieve optimum function and bite. We also offer modern ceramic braces that are less noticable. We recommend children to be evaluated by age 8 for orthodontics as some functional issues are better treated with early orthodontic intervention although a majority will start orthodontics once all their teeth are in. Give us a call today so we can discuss in more detail about getting you the smile you desire.

One of our ortho patients in her own words: